Elizabeth Sanjuan is a visual artist whose passion is to discover, through travel, the vast mosaic of people, lands and cultures that the world offers; and to record, as faithfully as she can, the incredible panorama of color, pattern and energy that greets the receptive, intuitive eye.  Photography gives her the opportunity to observe, but she believes that the lens intensifies her ability to truly understand the world we live in.  She ranges worldwide, and draws on imagery that includes not only people, but the natural and man-made surroundings that define and shape our cultures and our communities.  For Elizabeth, the camera provides objective proof of the remarkable commonality of humankind, and reinforces the urgent need to protect the cultural and environmental heritage that defines us all.


When Elizabeth is not traveling, she is at home focusing on her long term projects, such as Self Revealed, a journey of discovery for women to define beauty on their terms.  Recuerdos de mi Abuela explores the culture, heritage and influence of her strong matriarchal grandmother, who shaped the woman she is today.  Small Towns of Colorado is an in-depth look at the rise and fall of small-town America, where global social and economic forces have had widely different impacts on these very small communities.  Hokkaido, Land of the Ainu, chronicles her three visits to Japan’s northernmost island in search of the secret to the peace, beauty, strength and resilience of the environment and the people in one of the harshest winter environments on the planet.